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Requirements to run tvCAD

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Requirements to run tvCAD desktop

  • Windows 7, 8.1, 10, all 64-bit only.
  • Windows XP is waaaaay past its end-of-life so – NO.
  • Windows Vista might work but I haven’t tried it for many years.
  • tvCAD rarely uses more than a few hundred MB of RAM in general usage (usually less than 200MB), although a cable schedule with ~ 100,000 cables used ~ 800MB momentarily while it was creating the spreadsheet. tvCAD will run at the pretty-much the same speed as everything else on your computer.
  • The installation is around 300MB, depending on which part of Windows you ask.
  • You don’t need AutoCAD, it is built into tvCAD. The AutoCAD part isĀ 90% of the size of tvCAD. It’s AutoCAD 2018 so tvCAD can ready any drawing you can read in the latest version of AutoCAD.
  • You don’t need Excel to create cable schedules, it is built into tvCAD
  • You don’t need SQL-anything, the database engine is built into tvCAD.
  • You don’t need a DBA, there are no database administration tasks, it just works.
  • If you want to see and query the database, go right ahead! It is a standard SQLite database
  • tvCAD runs on the .NET 4.6 framework. The installer will let you know if it is missing.