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Auto Offsheets (preview)

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Automatic Off Sheets by tvCAD

This is still a work in progress (I use it myself all the time) but here is a teaser (click an image for a closer look)…

Auto Ofsfheets looks this info up for you from your tvCAD Database

This AutoCAD plugin gets your offsheet references from your drawing, looks up where they go in the tvCAD database and fills in the information. You can choose what info to include, if it goes via some things in the signal path it can include those. The “CAD replace” button performs a collection of text find-replacements to tidy up and massage the database results into text you prefer. Below is the same results but after the replacements.

same info as above but tidied up with a list of find-replacements

If you like what you see, drop me a line via the Contact link, the more encouragement I get, the sooner you get it and the better it will be.

If you like the way the replacements look, check out, a plugin for AutoCAD, BricsCAD etc that will change the way you search for and replace text, Attributes…

The pix above were an early version, the ones below are a later version. 

I moved some buttons

Ok, don’t freak out – here are the settings panels which are usually hidden in your day-to-day works…These are a set-and-forget thing, once it works you rarely need to revisit this. I will set it up with you.