ACNE picklist with drawings saved after a date

Based on an answer on SuperUser here is a one-line command which will generate a list of drawings saved on or after a date you nominate. Note, this won’t always give you predictable results in ACNE, particularly if there are exceptions involved in any of the drawings but it may save you a long wait. The date is in dd-mm-yyyy format – obviously you need to change it to the date on, or just before your last cable schedule. I saved the command as a one-line cmd file (this is all on one line)…

xcopy "D:\DWG\Path\*.dwg" /l /s /d:08-10-2015 D:\ >"D:\PKL\Path\FileListForACNEonlyRecent.pkl"

After that runs you will need to edit out the last summary line in the file it writes, then you can load the picklist into ACNE and process away.

As I said, the results may be unpredictable, particularly if there are exceptions involved but this is a quick way to check for duplicate cable numbers.

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